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Our team, made up primarily of acclaimed videographer, James Barber, major motion picture screenwriter, Patrick Cirillo, and award winning documentary writer/director, Edward Watts, produces on-air ready, highest quality, scripted and non-scripted motion picture, documentary and television content. While we occasionally incorporate the distribution of “source” content in to our production model, our focus is on the cost effective development of “original” materials. Indeed, our first scripted-reality, feature length project follows the storyline of men returning to a war zone to retrieve an infant, previously mutilated by friendly fire, in order to bring the child to the US to be fitted with state-of-the art prosthetics, and, receive life changing cosmetic surgery. A minute step in the Mogul marathon challenge to create a global Culture of Kindness!


Consumer demand for meaningful, inspiring film content in our target demographic continues to show steady growth, yet the market remains grossly underserved. Pre-tested in worldwide markets, the response to Mogul’s music and video content has been humbling. The social media feedback from recent releases  has demonstrated that we have hit our demographic with incomparable creative accuracy. Through our unprecedented access to innovative technologies, we provide a constant stream of contemporary content, not only to the world’s most currently profitable commercial centers, but also to emerging markets where our target demographic is starved of relevant content and the opportunity to express its vitality and market loyalty.


No competitor can match Mogul’s unique content development strategy. The depth and breadth of Mogul’s access to innovative technologies and burgeoning talent, our creative branding, unprecedented proprietary   merchandizing plan, and ability to develop extraordinary on-line portals through have no equivalent in the current marketplace. These novel platforms, coupled with a highly skilled and experienced management team distinguishes Mogul from its competitors and solidifies its opportunity to significantly impact the entertainment industry.


Under the collective leadership of John Stanley, James Barber, and Patrick cirillo, who combined have over 60 years of management, entrepreneurial, and creative media experience in the USA, Asia, and Europe, Mogul is perfectly positioned and extraordinarily well equipped to live up to its potential as the pre-eminent, music, motion picture, and television production company of the modern era.

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