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No entertainment company has ever created a bridge between the development of film and music that is commercially successful, with the truly artistic goal of generating sufficient financial and governmental support to execute a master plan to kick start the global development of a multinational “Culture of Kindness”; until MOGUL.


Mogul has launch with a significant portion of its content slate delivered predominantly through social media and numerous global internet platforms. It has carefully select those platforms that are the most matured and, consequently, boast the the most efficient infrastructure and distribution profiles. Our inherent advantage is our effective, ongoing content delivery model. The most critical element of sustaining our competitive presence is the homogeneous distribution of an extended series of documentary, comedy, music video, and dramatic series vignettes.


From its inception, Mogul has partnered with A-List entertainers from the motion picture, television, sports and music industries to embellish promotion of both its entertainment and altruistic endeavors. The target celebrities have continuously expressed a sincere desire to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with regard to the advancement of their individual charities.

Key celebrities from a wide variety of ethnicities are engaged to incorporate innovative promotion, advertising, and publicity services. The nature of involvement with these celerity partners includes personal appearances at live concerts conducted by Mogul talent, and the development and production of both scripted and non-scripted film and video content. Mogul serves as an international launch pad for its home-grown talent, using its celebrity relationships to develop original content, engage in co-productions, and pursue additional, assorted licensed programming opportunities.

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