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Until the advent of Smart Phone and Tablet technology, television was the dominant daily consumed media. However, it is well documented that prior to the Smart Phone and Tablet era, half the global population remained untapped as an audience. The advent of such new content delivery systems has accelerated the demise of the dominance of network television and geometrically increased opportunity for growth in, and access to, the heretofore uncharted territory of burgeoning markets, such as China, Africa, and the Indian sub-continent. 

As a result, Mogul finds itself in an environment where existing major entertainment corporations are desperate to increase their content libraries in order to satisfy the exponentially expanding demand for new  and unique subject matter. Those libraries 

remain deprived of meaningful human interest content. There exists a global. multi-platform demand for compelling film and music product. It is Mogul is building on the world wide craving for human interest content, to bring together its fan base in both the established and burgeoning global markets to develop its ultimate goal of a planetary “Culture of Kindness”! 

North America

Historically, entertainment opportunities in North America have spoken for themselves. Today’s market is no exception. All carriers currently have an urgent need to populate the ever growing void created by the absence of meaningful music, film, documentary and/or video content geared to their expanding, dissatisfied and unfulfilled middle class audiences. Opportunities are exploding in such areas as, Internet Television, Video on Demand, and multiple social media platforms. Clearly, the basis for the rapid growth is the consumer demand to control its own viewing and listening habits. In line with this growth path, Mogul Multimedia’s programming content is globally available to any person on earth at any time of the day or night. 


Globalization of the internet and development of digital technologies have merged the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and all other major and minor European markets in to an instantly accessible, single entity. Evidence of the demand for Mogul’s content can be clearly seen in the response from the stated European territories to VP16’s video and music content on Facebook, Instagram, ITunes and various other delivery systems. Europe-wide response to John Stanley’s appearances on the UK capitals’s premiere FM radio station, clearly demonstrate the unfettered desire for the mature European listening audience to participate in something greater than the currently available entertainment options. To connect if you will, with like-minded consumers willing to commit to the extraordinary, in order to experience something greater than the entertainment status quo, from which they obviously feel alienated.


China appears to be usurping the US’s position as the world’s biggest economy. Certainly, it houses the world’s largest middle class. Its developing fascination with entertainment from other global markets is a natural outgrowth of its evolution. Mogul is intending to service China’s staggeringly enormous audience, utilizing the same content and delivery systems that give it access to other world markets.

India’s ties to Hollywood and the US entertainment industry are rooted in the new technologies and the mutual fascination of the undeniable success of each territory’s music and film industries. The Indian sub-continent, with its massive market and unique musical, film, and animation history has inevitably become incorporated in to  Mogul’s inspirational bridge to a “Culture of Kindness.”  

















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