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Founders John Stanley and James Barber created the Mogul Multimedia corporation (Mogul) with a singular purpose in mind. Namely, to be the world’s leading producer of relevant Music, Television, Documentary, and Film content. The ultimate, altruistic purpose of which is to then utilize its cultural influence by mobilizing Corporate Sponsors, Government Agencies, and its ever growing, loyal fan base to develop a global Culture of Kindness!




The proliferation of new technologies has made it feasible to instantaneously deliver music and film content to the four corners of the planet, over multiple digital delivery platforms. The surge in the need for high quality talent and materials to satisfy the virtually insatiable public appetite for entertainment, has grown exponentially in the last decade.


While digital production techniques and the ability to self-publish has expanded in multiple genres, there exists a specific echelon in the entertainment matrix in which demand far exceeds supply: Content that connects unserviced global audiences to the majesty of entertainment that inspires them to be part of a movement for personal and social betterment. Once again, humanity has come full circle. In the same way that the parents of the baby-boomers ended wars, inspired the civil rights movement, and opened their hearts to the general prosperity and wellbeing of our planet, so too can Mogul’s demographic be inspired through great music and film to ultimately be a refreshing force for global, beneficial social change.


How can such lofty goals be accomplished? We believe through inspiring film and music.

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