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Eyes Of Eden Prelude


Mogul’s altruistic mission is inalienable from its entertainment objectives. 


In coordination with global, combat zone medical triage organizations, such as, the Red Cross, and Doctors Without Borders, Mogul intends to transport injured children, mutilated in global military conflicts, to designated “Safe Zones.”


Upon arrival at the “Safe Zones,” the children will be treated by leading doctors in every field of medicine, including being provided with state-of-the-art prosthetics and cosmetic surgery. Notwithstanding the international effort to combat the devastating effects of war on injured children, the currently available treatment appears to amount to little more than Triage. To put it mildly, the current volunteer organizations are overwhelmed. 


It is Mogul’s stated goal to cooperate with the current field volunteers and local governments to embrace the most devastated children, and return them, not merely to physical health, but in addition, to rehabilitate them on both a psychological and emotional level. Indeed, to create a “Culture of Kindness.” 


In light of the fact that the rehabilitation of the children will be lengthy, the anticipated challenges are monumental. That being said, Mogul remains steadfast in its commitment. Inevitably, we require the support of both domestic and foreign governmental agencies to accomplish our objectives. 


It will be impossible to effectively execute our objectives without assistance in the provision of housing, education, clothing, transportation, etcetera, in addition to contributions from leaders in the medical field. However, we are equally steadfast in our determination to remain both non-partisan and non-political and secular in determining the beneficiaries of the “Culture of Kindness” program. 

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