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The point of the arrow in Mogul’s musical content development is its flagship act, “Vanity Project 16” (VP16). Conceived by John Stanley, and produced by John and his production partner, James Barber, VP16 represents a blend of Pop/R&B/World Music rhythms and vocal styles, targeted to a specific, and predominantly affluent demographic. The growth of urban rap and electronic house/dance music has left a massive section of the viable market craving meaningful music with rhythms and lyrics that both entertain and inspire. It is this space in the entertainment market that VP16 and other musical acts nurtured by the Mogul music academy, will dominate and exploit, not just to generate massive financial success for our investors, but also to lead a modern movement of subtle, yet steadfast social consciousness. 


The social media feedback from the release of the debut VP16 album, “Season of Sanity” on ITunes, Spotify, and multiple other available content delivery system, launched Mogul's music division into the global market with incomparable creative accuracy.

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